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Why you should buy NutriPur freeze-dried fruits online?

Naturally natural – that’s what the NutriPur brand stands for over 5 years. Started as the “little sister” of our popular RecipeSpices spice boxes, our goal is to bring natural products to the market for snacking and breakfast.

Anyone who takes a close look at the subject of nutrition and food will quickly discover that many products today contain more than they should. Preservatives, colorants and again … sugar.

Even our youngest children are flooded with completely over-sugared foods – a circumstance that not only has a long-term negative effect on health (obesity, diabetes, … ), but also permanently distorts the sense of taste.

Freeze-dried fruit snacks like strawberries or raspberries, vegan gummy bears, smoothie bowls or delicious toppings ... What do you fancy today?

We think: This does not have to be! And therefore want to set a counter-trend to the popular refined foods with our products.

Delicious snacks for those who love it natural. Hearty cereal, stylish smoothie bowls with colorful toppings, or a colorful fruit snack… all of these do not only taste fantastic, but also give our bodies exactly what they need. No more and no less.

With NutriPur we offer the right ingredients for cereals, smoothies and co.

What's inside, in the freeze-dried fruits?

What do we need for this? Nothing more than a piece of fruit that is already so tasty in its original form that it does not need any further additives.

Our products are based on natural, unprocessed ingredients, which we offer in freeze-dried form (unprocessed as a snack or topping) or also in ground form (e.g. for smoothies and shakes).

NutriPur dried fruit easy to buy online

NutriPur enhances the daily menu with natural foods that are entirely without additives and are a real treat.

If you want to do something good for yourself and your family and value unprocessed but tasty food, NutriPur is the right place for you.

All products are available in our online store and of course in retail stores!

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