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Freeze-dried strawberries set of 3


Includes 7% MwSt.
Grundpreis: 64,33  / 1 kg
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100% freeze-dried strawberries 3 x 300g
Packed in a resealable stand-up pouch.
For 100 g of freeze-dried strawberries, up to 900 g of fresh berries are needed.

For your cereal, smoothie, in porridge or as a snack
No added sugar (naturally contains sugar)
Without preservatives, flavorings and colorants

You will receive the set of 3 strawberries with 3x 300g freeze-dried strawberries, sliced.

Already our ancestors in the Stone Age found pleasure in the sweet fruits. In the Middle Ages, large areas were already cultivated. At that time, however, the strawberries were just about the size of pennies. A great complement to fresh fruit. Refine your cereal, smoothie and yogurt with the freeze-dried strawberry slices or enjoy the dried strawberry pieces pure. Thanks to the resealable bag, the fruit can be stored optimally.

Gently dried strawberry slices, full of flavor and aroma. Dried fruit without added sugar, naturally vegan and unsulphured. Carefully made in Germany. A delicious FRUIT strawberries SNACK for on the go or also perfect for smoothies and cereal, in porridge or as a snack. These premium dried berries are also available in resealable 25 g or 70 g stand-up pouches. Airtight storage to preserve the aroma and flavor of dried berries.

Strawberries fresh or strawberries freeze-dried?

Hooray, here we go again, the strawberry season. Whether at EDEKA, REWE, Globus, Wasgau or Tegut, in every supermarket they smile at us, the bright red strawberries. Strawberries are the summer fruit and most people can’t get enough of them (unless you have an allergy). We know how they taste, but what is the strawberry made of and is it healthy? First, a strawberry consists of almost 90% water with vitamins and minerals – so you can already talk about “healthy water”. And – are strawberries healthy?

We simply claim YES. Some also call them “slimmers” because they have few calories, but of course you can make up for that with some cream or ice cream. In addition, strawberries contain high levels of vitamin C, folic acid and iron, calcium, potassium and magnesium. The only drawback is the short shelf life. Strawberries are sensitive to pressure and therefore they should be transported and stored carefully. However, after 2 days at the latest, the strawberries go bad. Surely everyone has experienced it himself. Shopped Friday and left some for Sunday on Saturday. And then? Cut out large areas or, in the worst case, dispose them.

What do you put in cereal and smoothie – the right alternative, freeze-dried strawberries.

As valuable as a ripe fruit, only without water. Just put it in the cupboard as a reserve and snack from Monday to Sunday.

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