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Freeze-dried mango

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100% freeze-dried mango, pieces.
Packed in a resealable stand-up pouch.
For 100 g of freeze-dried mango, up to 900 g of fresh fruit are required.

For your cereal, smoothie, in porridge or as a snack
No added sugar (naturally contains sugar)
Without preservatives, flavorings and colorants
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As early as 4,000 years ago, Indians were cultivating mangoes along the Ganges River. Nowadays, the popular tropical fruit is available everywhere in our country. Mango trees can grow up to 30m high, some of their fruits weigh up to 3kg.

Mango is originally a subtropical fruit, which does not grow in our latitudes. Nevertheless, it is a very special fruit. Mango, like other tropical fruits, has the property of containing ribose. Ribose is a sugar that does not require insulin secretion to be absorbed by the cell and can therefore be converted directly into ATP, energy. Our body has this ability to produce ribose itself as well, but only in limited quantities.

This makes mango an optimal snack before competitions or training sessions, as it provides quick energy and power. In addition, the mango contains a lot of fiber, which gives our intestinal bacteria something to do and work. It is also easily digestible and suitable for children and adolescents.


All these advantages of the fruit are preserved during freeze-drying. The fruit is harvested and then the water is extracted. This ensures that the fruit remains fresh and retains the full variety of minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Thus, the freeze-dried mango is a power snack and provides plenty of energy in the
everyday life.

Freeze-dried mango pieces are a great addition to fresh fruit. Refine your cereal, smoothie and yogurt or enjoy the dried mango pieces pure. Thanks to the resealable bag, the fruit can be stored optimally.

Freeze-dried mango pieces, full of flavor and aroma. Dried fruit without added sugar, naturally vegan and unsulphured. Gently dried in Germany. A delicious FRUIT mango SNACK for on the go or also perfect for smoothie, cereal and porridge or fitness shake! QUALITY that you can also taste. This premium mango is available dried in resealable 25g or 100g stand-up pouches. Airtight storage to preserve the aroma and flavor of the dried mango pieces.

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